We Are:

A Scooter Retailer
JoeScooter.com is an online retailer of scooters, parts and accessories. We acquire these scooters from our parent company, North American Scooter LLC, which is an established importer of scooters, scooter parts, and accessories.

A Scooter Importer
North American Scooter LLC imports and sells direct to the public through JoeScooter.com, and ships from one of our warehouses to any location in the contiguous United States. North American Scooter LLC also distributes through our network of nationwide distributors, who sell and service direct to their local markets from brick and mortar retail stores. Go to a distributor for a test ride, a tune-up, parts, accessories, and local scooter gossip.

We Ride Our Scooters
Value is more than competitive price-it means a quality product. The scooter business is still evolving and we at North American Scooter are involved in product refinement. We ride and wrench every model of scooter we sell. And we buy and test scooters from our competitors, and prospective manufacturers.

We Know Our Scooters
We know that a better scooter comes from a better scooter company. We spend time with our manufacturers. We know our factory executives personally, and the managers who are individually responsible for building the scooter you ride. And we have our Quality Control people in the plant, auditing supply chain, and ensuring ISO9000 standards. We ask value from our manufacturers, as you do from us.