Please utilize your nearest authorized Joe dealer for support services. If you have moved and do not find a local Authorized Joe Dealer, service is also available through our Certified Service Centers, or by emailing our Support Department.

Notice: Due to the continued growth and presence of our Dealer and Service Center network, we are no longer directly retailing Joe parts and accessories. We will continue to provide detailed parts catalogs available for you to view online or print for use offline. If you are in immediate need of parts, please locate your nearest Joe Dealer or Service Center to order the parts you need.

In keeping with our approach to making parts support a priority you can rest assured that we will continue to keep a large inventory of parts and accessories in stock to support our Joe dealers, service centers and ultimately, Joe scooter owners.

Click on the below links to get technical information of Scooter

Scooter Owner's Manual
- coming soon

Scooter Assembly Instructions (with pictures)

Scooter Assembly Instructions (text only)